GB7EB - S1 TG9 Echolink / Allstar Bridge

10 months 2 days ago #13 by M0JGX
GB7EB currently has an experimental bridge on Slot 1 Talk Group 9 (local) linked to Allstar & Echolink.
It’s only been up for a few days but seems to have caused some confusion.

Can I access it using Echolink on my phone?
Yes, You will come out of the repeater on Slot 1 Talkgroup 9.

Can I access it using other repeaters or links?
Yes, If they are connected to Echolink or All Star. This will hopefully include GB3YL and GB3JS in the future.

Is this an analogue gateway?
No it is not, the repeater is DMR only (via RF) therefore will NOT respond to an analogue signal.

Can I change talkgroups or reflectors on echolink?
No, It is fixed to Slot 1 Talkgroup 9. It also local only and does not get transmitted over the Brandmeister or Phoenix network.

Will you be doing the same on GB7YL?
If this experiment goes to plan, the users are in favour & it is technically possible* then Yes.
* GB7EB & GB7YL use totally different hardware and are on different networks.

What about BE?
Already looking into it!

Is this part of some JGX plan to have a big net where all LYRG repeaters are connected together?
Yes, it’s quite widely known that this has been a “technical wish / fantasy” of mine. I’m not really sure how useful it would be in use, but I’m fascinated by the technical challenges of the task.

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10 months 2 days ago #14 by M0JGX
There is an intermittent issue with echolink timing out and not connecting, this is due to the AWS (Amazon Cloud) DNS & strange firewall.

Echolink also (occasionally) seems to want to point at the IP address of the former GB3YL echolink, really not sure about this error as nowhere in the bridge is that IP address or YL mentioned and EB has only been on echolink for a few days……. Very odd!

I’m looking into a solution.

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9 months 3 weeks ago #23 by M0JGX
The Echolink is currently down...... For reasons that will become obvious VERY soon!

It will be back up in the next couple of weeks.

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